Market Coin

Talent sharing service platform

Market Coin

Talent sharing service platform


The rise of the gig economy trend

Along with the revitalization of the On-Demand economy, the 'Gig Economy' is emerging as a new labor trend as labor demand On_Demand services increases together.

The Gig Economy is an economy in which companies add workers to short-term contracts or temporary positions as need and pay the price.

In the past, it was used to cover rarious freelancers and single-preson self-employed people, but as the On-Demand economy spreads, it has recently changed to mean a supplier that provides services in the form of short-term contracts with online platform companies.


Activation with COVID-19

Covid-19 changed a lot of our lives.

One of the most notable changes is the rise of the 'Gig Economy'

The rise of the Gig Economy, in which short-term jobs are determined by demand, is revitalizing the stiff domestic labor market.

This is because operators or companies can reduce costs by hiring manpower whenever necessary, and Gig workers can work as irregular part-timers or freelancers through mobile apps, etc.

Recruitment of workers are mainly done through local-based mobile agency service apps.

MARK eco system

We propose Market Coin to create an ecosystem where coins can be freely used in the rapidly growing talent sharing market.

  • Decentralized Self-Employed Market Platform
  • DApp seeking bussiness partners
  • Payment of the realevant coin if the profile and subscription information are entered correctly after membership registration
  • Expers are paid the corresponding coins when they are registered as experts
  • When requesting a customer service, several experts can recruited and one of them can be matched
  • When the transaction is completed, when the client presses the completion button, coins for the coresponding cost are paid to the expert
  • Payment of coins when a client registers a review for a transaction
  • When a client grants a report or minus receipt for the transaction, the relevant coins is deprived
  • Wallet : 100coins can be withdrawn from the exchange
  • withdrawal coins can be converted into cash at the exchange


Token Information

Token Name
Token Symbol
Token Platform
Token Cap


Token Allocation

1,000,000,000 MARK
Team & Partner
500,000,000 MARK
Internal Holding
250,000,000 MARK
1,000,000,000 MARK
R & D
250,000,000 MARK
Total Issurance
3,000,000,000 MARK


  • 2022. 2Quarter

    • Project team composition
    • Producing the project website and WHITE PAPER
    • Issurance of Market Coin (Scheduled)
  • 2022. 3Quarter

    • Market Coin platform design completed (Scheduled)
    • Market Coin platform development in progress
  • 2022. 4Quarter

    • Market Coin platform development complement (Scheduled)
    • Completed construction of Market Coin platform ecosystem (Scheduled)
  • 2023. 1Quarter

    • Market Coin Additional service construction completed (Scheduled)